Horse Radio


The Horse Radio Network is your home for equine related online horse radio. From the serious to the sublime, from Arabs to Welsh Ponies, from 9 handers to 19 handers, we cover it all. There is no prejudice here, it’s just about horses. Sure, there will be shows that emphasize one breed or another, but we will do our best to cover it all.

The key to the Horse Radio Network is fun! We believe that people own horses for fun and entertainment. Why else would you put up with the early morning feedings, stall cleaning, vet bills, long trips to shows, empty bank accounts and everything else that goes with being a horse owner?

Our goal with these shows is to help your chores go a little faster and to put a smile on your face!

What is Online Radio or Podcasting?

A podcast is simply a radio show that you find online. The advantage over regular radio is the many choices you have for how and when you listen to the shows. With podcasts you can…

… listen here on the website using the players in each show listing.
… download the shows off this website and listen on your MP3 player.
… use the links to i-Tunes & Zune and subscribe to the shows so that you automatically receive them when they are published, then transfer them onto your i-Pods or MP3 players.

As you can see it is all about choices. The nice part is once the show is on your MP3 player, you can listen while cleaning stalls, picking paddocks, driving to a horse show, or even when you are just trying to ignore your spouse.

Check out all the shows on the Horse Radio Network.