Dressage Radio Episode 200 – Para Dressage with Tina Wentz and Derrick Perkins


Lindsay and Ellie lead the Para Dressage discussion with Tina Wentz, Jonathans’s Mom, and new Para Rider and Air Force Veteran Derrick Perkins.  Plus, Part 4 in the Thinline Global Leg Protection Series.  Listen in…

Dressage Radio Episode 200 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Co-Hosts:  Lindsay McCall and Ellie Brimmer of the United States Para Equestrian Association
  • Photo: Tina Wentz, Jonathan Wentz and Kai Handt
  • Guest: Tina Wentz
  • Guest: Derrick Perkins of Sugar Land, Texas 
  • Segment:  Part 4 of the Thinline Leg Protection Series, get 12% off your next order using the coupon code RADIO
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